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On the other hand, there are things that you can do on your mobile phone, but which will not lead to success in an online casino.

The best examples are the opportunities to make a bet. You just have to imagine roulette. You don’t have to enlarge the picture on the screen to bet on a number or another chance. The playing field is big enough and you can work very precisely with the mouse anyway and risk the corresponding bet with one click. Now you just have to imagine that you have the same situation with Roulette Mobile. It is impossible to place an insert exactly on the small screen with your big finger. It must therefore be possible to zoom in or to open the setting field differently.

This is just one example of many. But it shows how online casino games differ from mobile casino games. That there are simply different conditions that have to be met. Even if it’s just the volume setting using the controls on the cell phone instead of the options menu.

A few years ago online casinos were a real sensation, because they made it possible for the first time to play in the casino for real money without having to leave the house. In the meantime this has become something of a matter of course, while the desire arose increasingly not to be house-bound when playing virtual games. Due to the boom in smart mobile devices, mobile gambling emerged a few years ago and has established itself as a new dimension in online casinos.

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